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We’re a husband-and-wife photographer team, based in Southern California. During our previous 10 years, we have been very fortunate to be able to capture all of our adventures and best memories together.

Cedric and I met at a gorgeous sunset beach wedding in Santa Barbara in which we were capturing the beautiful breathless moments for our friends.  So you could say, weddings are in our blood.  Since that time our work has taken us all over Southern California, further destinations and beyond.

We are very passionate of our assignments, and enjoy very much working with couples in Love!

This is our dream, our passion, our gift.  Every day we continue to be amazed at the opportunities as photographers – the ability to capture love, a moment, a story and life with a single photograph.  We are blessed with this gift and we want to share it with others so that they may have a gift of their own!

We completely understand how important, and how difficult, it is to trust someone with this responsibility and I also know how much time is put into the planning of your wedding day, event and family portrait, from the moment you choose the location to say “I do”, to trying on the dress of your dreams, and of course, all the planning in between.  We pay attention to small things which will remind you of the moments that made your day so special and so unique, and details from your first look at each other as husband and wife to the uniting between two unique families or the first smile of your baby. Let us UNVEIL your LOVE STORY and LIFE STORY with a unique piece of TIMELESS ART.

It takes a special kind of photographer who can blend in with you and your guests, to capture the moments in a modern, playful, artistic, fashion, photo journalist stylist.

On the wedding day, we perform a non-intrusive manner, allowing us to document many emotional, meaningful and real moments.  Our goal is to capture your love for each other.  We want to tell your story, with a unique piece of art within each image.



Principle  Photographer & Business Manager

Angela‘s design career began at age twenty-four when she designed costumes for theater.  “I can still remember how excited I was when I found out I have gotton the job.”

She spent the next six years working as designer for theater and fashion.  The following 10 years developing an exquisite creative Makeup Artist Team that specializes in wedding and events.

When she met Cedric, it didn’t take her long to realize that they would make the perfect team. “Cedric’s amazing talent with photography reminded me how much I loved working in the business of Fashion Shoots and how much I missed it. We soon teamed up and found that my background in arts and my eye for details, were the perfect match for our photography.”

We’ve since created 2 beautiful daughter and son, Tia and Tay, and have built our photography business.  I have been very fortunate to work with my husband and best friend every day, raise our amazing family, and be a part of the happiest moments in people’s lives!”


Principle Photographer & Post Production

Cedrics work has appeared in Ceremony, Style Me Pretty, Inside Wedding, and other nationwide magazine and wedding  websites.

Cedric, my husband, has always been passionate with photography.  He loves to take his camera to shoot everything, landscape, cars, insects, dogs, cats, children, live or still objects, anything you name it.  But it was after our wedding, that he builds a very different perspective of the importance to capture every details of the very special day as they unfold for storytelling and memories.

We thrive on the challenges and adrenaline of capturing life’s greatest moments.  With a photojournalistic approach, we aims to capture the raw emotion of love through unique compositions and a stylist blend of line, shapes and light.  We take every single one of our assignments personally, always doing our best. We want you to remember your wedding day and family event the way it’s suppose to unfold.  Unveil your memories with our preserved images to help you recollect the bits and pieces of the fragments of one of the happiest days of your life.  Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing my clients smile as they look at their wedding pictures and family albums that we delivered.  Our passion extends beyond capturing remarkable, timeless moments, as we values nothing more than the amazing relationships we have created with each individual.


Thank you for checking out our work and for taking the time to get to know us.  As you can tell, photographing people is our life’s passion.  We live to be a visual story teller.  Your life has a story, from your engagement, wedding and family photos.  Let us tell your story!

Check out the blog to see all that we’ve been up to lately and get to know us even better.  We love spending time with couples in love and can’t wait to get to know you back!

Popular wedding dates are booked well over one year in advance.
We have limited availability on our weekends.  So we encourage you to
Contact Us as early as you can to reserve your event appointment.







Angela Tam is a highly sought after makeup artist and hair designer.   Angela Tam has designed for thousands of brides in all ages, nationalities and skin types in her 15 years of experience.  We will create an immaculate stunning and dazzling look for you and your group.  We have professional techniques for Tattoo Coverage and Cover Concealer all Skin Discolorations.  Angela Tam Beauty Atelier will create a timeless elegance to transform everyone into mesmerizing beauties for weddings, engagements, pageants, portrait and all events. 

Angela Tam | Makeup and Hair Design Team also specialize in Airbrush Application, which creates a natural flawless, water resistance finish with an incredibly long lasting duration. 

Brides that have hair on the short and/or delicate side can still have a full glamorous hairdo. We can build with hair pieces for more volume as well as length for an elaborate style.

We believe in creating exceptional beauty experiences.  Our carefully selected team of beauty experts has earned a reputation among the elite for their talents and warm professionalism.  We are committed to making your Wedding Day a Special One and will cater your event group with the most exquisite experience at your location in Southern California for a single appointment to large wedding event groups.

Make this special day your most beautiful and pleasurable. Capture life’s special moments and make memories last forever with Angela Tam | Makeup and Hair Design Team.

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